Monday, 24 January 2011

Beauty Special: Self Tan

Today I'm looking at tanning on the cheap. St Tropez self-tan (left) costs over £20 a bottle. As a long-time devotee I have to admit that this stuff works, although it does leave a particularly unpleasant smell that must be put up with for 6-8 hours while the tan develops. Not good. One day while absent mindedly trawling the beauty aisle at Home Bargains, I came across the wonderful St Moriz (right). The £2.99 price tag drew me in immediately yet I was sceptical about the stuff and imagined it to leave me looking like a streaky mud-wrestler, but I bought it anyway just to trial, and a while later I gave the tan a test run. Like St Tropez, the tan comes out an extremely dark-coloured mousse that allows you to see where you have tanned and lets you avoid any streaks. Unlike St Tropez, however, the tan was dark within five minutes of application (and not the 4-6 hours stated on the bottle). The St Moriz bottle is shamelessly similar to St Tropez and when I looked at the ingredients they were almost identical. Although St Moriz is marketed as a gradual self-tanner, it could definitely be used as instant because it gives off an immediate colour and doesn't smell half as bad as St Tropez (although my boyfriend insists it smells like biscuits). The next morning when I came to rinse Moriz off, I looked in the mirror and was horrified to find myself darker than I'd ever been before, despite only two coats of the tan, but after a quick shower, I was left looking toned, sunkissed and like I'd just got home from two weeks in Barbados... and all for £2.99. Available at most Home Bargains stores

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